The world's leading manufacturer of airbag covers, Safe Demo is the market leader in precision and decorative plastic parts for the automotive sector.

Working alongside its clients to support them in their international development, Safe Demo masters state-of-the-art production technologies for decorative parts that enhance and personalize the automotive interior.

Our history

Knowing and understanding the roots of Safe Demo sheds light on a company's culture, unites generations and perpetuates its values.

Safe Demo, "DEcoration & MOlding" is recognized for its 55 years of experience. We are the leader in precision and appearance plastic parts for the automotive industry, world leader in airbag covers.

Creation of the toolmaker and plasturgist Demo in France

Acquisition of Demo

by the Safe Group (formerly AFE)


Creation of the AFE Plasturgy Branch

which was first developed in France


Implementation of Demo Injection

in a new factory in Chambly, France


Creation of the company Demo Plastik

in Bursa in Turkey


Creation of the company Demo Autoplast

near Prague in the Czech Republic


Creation of the company Demo Technic

in Chihuahua in Mexico

and establishment in the US (Detroit)


Creation of the company Sotecplast

located in Plessis Bouchard in France


Creation of Demo Do Brasil

in Quattro Barras (Curitiba) in Brazil


AFE changes its name and becomes Safe Group

Our activity is renamed Safe DEMO (DEcoration & MOlding).


Establishment of Demo Jiangsu

in Kunshan in the Jiangsu province in China


Opening of a 2nd factory

in Leon, Mexico


Establishment of a 2nd technical center

in Engen, Germany



World leader in airbag covers, Safe Demo specializes in components and sub-assemblies for the safety, comfort and personalization of the passenger compartment, in particular trim and decorative parts, as well as precision technical parts. The innovation in materials and the precision of assembly of Safe Demo products guarantee consumers an exceptional level of safety and finish.



World number one in this market, Safe Demo has built this position since 1991 with the conviction that excellence in reliability could be accompanied by high esthetic requirements while respecting economic constraints.

Aware that these parts save lives, Safe Demo is first committed to constant mechanical characteristics whatever the conditions of use, in particular the temperature inside the passenger compartment. Safe Demo draws on this experience accumulated in thirty years of high-tech development in driver and passenger airbag covers to develop the growing sector of side, curtain and knee airbag covers and components.

Successive developments in production technologies have enabled Safe Demo to guarantee the same level of quality for the personalization and finishing of esthetic and comfort parts while passing on the cost-saving benefits to its clients.



Safe Demo masters all interior decorative processes.

In each of its factories, Safe Demo has proven decorative technologies for esthetic and interior parts: water-based and solvent-based paints, single-coat, two-coat and tri-coat paints, mat and high-gloss finishes, PVD metallization by sputtering; all using automated lines that guarantee the robustness of our solutions. We complement our offer by using laser scraping, pad printing or hot stamping technologies.

PVD technology combined with laser scraping opens up possibilities for illuminating the passenger compartment.

The combination of bi-injection with insert overmolding, or flat and monolayer screen-printed films also allows it to offer high-performance solutions for the production of backlit parts (buttons, heating facades, etc.) which are highly attractive.

Likewise, its expertise in overmolding technology (rotary mold processes or "in mold" transfer) enables Safe Demo to meet the passenger compartment customization requirements that manufacturers intend to offer their clients.



Safe Demo is at the heart of the automotive industry with highly demanded technical passenger compartment parts.

Widely used (seat belt components, door locks, etc.), these parts must meet stringent requirements in terms of precision and mechanical characteristics in a wide range of operating conditions.

Safe Demo shapes them in materials such as ABS, POM and PA to produce precision components intended for all OEMs and car manufacturers.

Thanks to a first-class machine park, combined with the development of high-speed multi-cavity tools and recognized know-how for over 40 years, Safe Demo delivers high-quality products in medium and large series to its clients.

Commitment | Dynamism | Innovation
Safe values

The values of the Safe Group


Commitment, dynamism and innovation, the values of the Safe Group are the pillars of an industrial culture which places client satisfaction at the center of all its actions. These values, which have been installed in our staff for a long time, are the basis of the success of "their" company and help attract new members who want to participate in their adventure.


Since its inception, the Safe Group has challenged conventional industrial practices to define transformation opportunities, the primary objective of which is to offer a competitive advantage to its clients.

This dynamism has forged the leadership position of its two business lines in their markets, which they maintain through impeccable quality and absolute cost control.

With this in mind, they aim to conquer new market shares by relying on the Group’s sustainability and the flexibility of their organization to seize all opportunities to better serve clients.


Innovation is an essential component of the Safe Group’s client loyalty.

The factories of the Safe Group share a culture of co-construction with and for their clients, based on quality of listening, responsiveness of proposals, personalized prototyping of solutions and implementation of production capacities in direct contact with client expectations.

The Group invests heavily and continuously in research and development in order to be at the forefront of progress on all fronts.


For the Safe Group, a company's responsibility towards its employees, society and the environment is an essential component of its identity and one of the strategic pillars of its development.

The Safe Group places the protection of the environment and the safety of its employees at the heart of its priorities. Working conditions in all the countries where the Group is present, the quality of production facilities, energy savings and sharing of best practices are constant objectives enshrined in its DNA.


Safe Demo operates in an industrial world in which quality is the key word. We are committed to a Zero Defects, Zero client complaints policy.

Safe Demo’s quality organization is built on a quality management system common to all sites, allowing harmonization and standardization of quality methods and best practices. This is based on the use and mastery of key tools, such as 8D, APQP, AMDEC, SPC, feedback, with a view to continuous improvement. Safe Demo's QHSE policy reflects our commitment to meet the requirements of our clients and more generally of all interested parties.

All Safe Demo sites have laboratories to control materials and finished products in accordance with our clients' requirements.
The central laboratory has the skills and expertise as well as state-of-the-art means and equipment to develop and validate innovative projects.

All Safe Demo sites are IATF 16949: 2016 certified. The central laboratory, based in France, is validated by Renault and Toyota.

Industry 4.0

Automation & more

For Safe Demo, automation is a key success factor. Beyond freeing production teams from low-added-value repetitive tasks, it reduces process variability and guarantees perfect and stable production quality.

It is in this perspective that Safe Demo's production systems are automated and above all interconnected to capture process data and communicate it digitally.

This digitization of production and control data as well as their real-time analysis allow better anticipation of drifts and reduce variability, therefore permanently offering a high level of Quality.

Continuing this rigorous and demanding approach, all Safe Demo investments are dictated by "Industry 4.0" principles.