molding, decoration, finishing:

industrial leader in automotive plastics

Safe Demo is a world leader in its markets, with over 55 years of expertise in plastic molding and assembly technologies. A specialist in the automotive sector, Safe Demo constantly integrates new market trends to offer the best perceived quality in decoration and finishing.


Technical mastery

Mono-material plastic

Safe Demo injects standard technical materials (ABS, ABS/PC, PC, PA6.6, POM, etc.) with and without filler, as well as compounds specific to certain complex applications (TPO, TPS-SEBS, etc.).

Bi-material plastic

Safe Demo has more than 30 years of expertise in the design and production of molds and bi-material parts. These techniques make it possible to obtain, with a short process, very complex parts, having multiple properties combined with a specific feel.


Safe Demo masters this injection process which mixes the thermoplastic material with a gas. This makes it possible to obtain parts with high dimensional stability and high cosmetic quality with a reduction in weight.

Overmolding of inserts

Safe Demo masters the mono or bi-material injection molding of plastic or metal inserts, which makes it possible to obtain backlighting effects or local reinforcement of the parts produced.

Film Insert Molding (FIM)

Safe Demo masters this overmolding process on a flat or shaped screen-printed film, making it possible to obtain decorative and backlit parts.


Combine esthetics and ergonomics


This process allows Safe Demo to increase the surface tension of a plastic part to facilitate paint adhesion.

Laser decoration

Safe Demo uses this surface scratching technology to decorate parts that are often backlit.

Metallic paint

Safe Demo has developed decoration expertise specific to this type of paint.

Tri-coat paint

Safe Demo offers three-coat painting solutions, in particular so-called chrome effect paints, on its new range of “Skyline” paint lines.

PVD metallization (by sputtering)

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) by sputtering is a metallization process that works by extracting metal from a cathode which will be projected onto plastic parts placed in a high vacuum chamber. Safe Demo masters this environmentally friendly process which allows it to obtain a wide variety of metallic decorations (colors, textures, etc.) and even to produce transparent metallic parts.

Soft paint

Safe Demo has been painting plastic parts for more than 20 years with automatic robotic processes, both with water-based paints and with solvent-based paints if necessary.

High gloss paint

Safe Demo masters this process ensuring a high-gloss finish in various shades (black / piano black, white, gray, red) which is widely used in passenger compartments after having conquered the high-tech objects of everyday life.


Pure precision



Safe Demo uses this technology which uses ultrasound to weld two parts together.


by hot stamping

Safe Demo uses this technology which consists in stamping hot pins to weld two parts by melting the thermoplastic.